Friday, March 13, 2009


Kathy Van Zeeland is currently one of the fastest growing designer fashion brands in the world. Her maiden name is Van Zeeland, so she decided to name the company in honor of her father who had passed away recently. Plus she has three sisters and wanted the Van Zeeland name to continue. She was founded in 2004 to create the highest quality handbags for women. Her company produces 4 collections a year, one for each season, which makes sure that new and exciting collections are being introduced all the time. She uses the best material at an affordable cost for her customers.


  1. Kathy Van Zeeland handbags are so unique. They come in a variety of textures, prints, and styles. Her key charms add visual interest, much like jewelry, to her bags. You just feel so special to carry one of her bags!

  2. her bags are not unique at all.... Theyre cheap imitations of high fashion bags. I understand everyone wants the "look" of a Gucci bag or a "Chanel" or "Fendi" bag, however you can not outright copy that design. It's a bad trick when her bags are on shelves next to REAL bag designers. It should be illegal. Theyre terrible.

    1. Her bags are great and she is a fantastic designer. They are original and very unique.

  3. I just bought one of her bags and I am used to spending $20 or less for purses. I am cheap I guess. I couldn't resist getting one of her purses. I am very happy with it, and the quality. Thanks Kathy.

  4. I just found a kvz at goodwill lol nice bag for $4 right next to a $7 ripped Calvin Klein and a $24 Michael kors a name isn't everything

  5. Kathy your taste is wonderful don't worry what people say about the style!